American Institutions (AI) Core Requirement


The mission of Weber State’s American Institutions (AI) requirement is to adhere to the Utah State Code, specifically 53B-16-103(b) which reads: "A student shall demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the history, principles, form of government, and economic system of the United States prior to receiving a bachelor's degree or teaching credential." The overarching goal of this requirement is to have all students gain the basic knowledge necessary for informed and responsible citizenship.


An American Institutions (AI) course will meet the following objectives.

Upon completing an AI course a student shall demonstrate a reasonable understanding of:

  1. the significant political, economic, and social changes in American history.
  2. the major principles of American civilization, including the concepts of popular sovereignty, liberty, and equality.
  3. the institutions and practices of the government provided for in the United States Constitution.
  4. the basic workings and evolution of a market economy in the United States.