Innovative and Creative Undergraduate Teaching

2014 Awards


Selection Criteria

The funds will support ambitious proposals that aim to meaningfully enhance the undergraduate educational experience. In many cases, the proposed course innovations may use new instructional technologies. This is not an absolute requirement, however, and proposals based on a rich portfolio of pedagogics are encouraged.

Funded projects will include the following elements:
  • Depth of Impact: Will the project introduce fresh perspectives on learning? Will the learning environment be improved? Is there an emphasis on collaborative, active learning or experiential learning?
  • Breadth of Impact: How many students will benefit from the project each year? Does the project touch multiple class sections, multiple courses or multiple departments? Will the project be sustained?
  • Measurement: Have desired educational outcomes been articulated, and is there a reasonable assessment strategy?
  • Accountability: Has a realistic plan of action been formulated, as well as a budget that fits the needs of the project?