General Education Revitalization
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What's it all about?

General Education Revitalization is an opportunity for faculty to offer students a more meaningful and coherent general education curriculum. In 2016-2017, the General Education Improvement and Assessment Committee (GEIAC) hosted campus-wide events to enlist faculty input on how to improve Gen Ed. As a result of these conversations, a proposal was approved to engage students in a common activity across their Gen Ed courses in order to realize a small set of shared Gen Ed program outcomes ("GELOs", see below).

This common activity includes framing all general education courses around a “big question” (BQ) which will be explored through a “signature assignment” (SA). By framing all Gen Ed courses around BQs and SAs*, General Education Revitalization strives to highlight the skills and understandings that are present in all disciplines.     

*mandatory by fall 2019 for all faculty teaching a Gen Ed course

Why are we revitalizing General Education?

Weber State University uses the Collegiate Learning Assessment, or CLA, as one means of measuring the impact of General Education on student intellectual growth. The CLA measures freshmen in the fall and seniors in the spring; for years WSU has shown at least a modicum of growth between the two classes. However, after a closer look at the CLA outcomes and the students who completed the CLA, it was determined that what appeared to be growth (improved scores between freshmen and seniors) was actually an artifact of attrition. Low scoring CLA freshmen were more likely to leave the institution without a degree. The scores of the freshmen who persisted were much closer to the scores of the exiting seniors, suggesting General Education had provided little or no 'value-added'. The need to revitalize the General Education program became clear.

Here's what you need to know:

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