College of Science

 Information about faculty scholarship in the College of Science1 can be found by selecting links from this table:

Dean  David J. Matty
Botany Bridget Hilbig Microbiology   Jason Fritzler
  Heather Root    
Chemistry Michelle Paustenbaugh Physics Daniel V. Schroeder
  H. Laine Berghout   Dale A. Ostlie
  Timothy Herzog   John Charles Armstrong
  Tracy Covey   Adam Johnston
  Brandon Burnett   Colin Inglefield
      John Sohl
      Kristin Rabosky
      Bradley W. Carroll
Geosciences  Richard L. Ford Dev Math Carrie Quesnell
  Carie Frantz    Kathryn Van Wagoner
Mathematics   Paul Talaga Zoology Jonathon C. Marshall
  Mihail Cocos   Barb Trask
  Julian Chan   John Mull
  Mahmud Akelbek    Ron Meyers
  Rachel Bachman   Robert Okazaki
      Michele Skopec
      Christopher Hoagstrom



1. Members of the faculty who have developed a Google Scholar Citation page may contact for inclusion on this page.