Gwen Williams Prize 2014–2015 Recipient

CAPES! Children’s Adaptive Physical Education Society!

Dr. James A. Zagrodnik, Department of Health Promotion & Human Performance

The purposes of CAPES are three-fold:

  1. To develop a community focused skill development initiative for children with developmental disabilities (e.g. autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, etc.) and their families
  2. To facilitate WSU students in PEP 3660: Physical Education for Students with Disabilities and EDUC 2010: Human Exceptionality to participate in practicum experiences designed to enhance their knowledge, understanding and application of various teaching and learning theories in relation to individuals with disabilities
  3. To provide an avenue of research into student teacher’s perceptions, beliefs on teaching and beliefs on learning in relation to individuals with disabilities

The outcomes of CAPES! have been:

  1. Starting an experiential teaching and learning environment that meets the needs of children with disabilities and their families to enhance independence.
  2. Providing WSU Teacher Education track students the opportunity to interact with children with disabilities in a safe one-on-one environment.
  3. Providing an avenue of research into the perceptions and changes student teachers experience while beginning to teach individuals with disabilities.
  4. Providing a positive environment where parents/guardians and families of children with disabilities could develop a support network and relationships to foster continued involvement and interaction.