2008 Presidential Distinguished Professor Recipients

Dr. Bradley W. Carroll

Since joining Weber State in 1985, Dr. Carroll has distinguished himself in the areas of teaching, scholarship and public service. Dr. Carroll has earned wide acclaim from his students for making traditional science curricula more intellectually accessible through the creation of simple models of complex astrophysical systems. His regular classes are popular with science majors and minors as are courses that Dr. Carroll often develops in response to students' requests in topics ranging from the history of physics to cosmology. He has also collaborated with Chemistry Department faculty members to develop a pedagogically innovative physical science course for pre-service elementary school teachers. As chair of the Physics Department, Dr. Carroll has actively supported the highly successful efforts of departmental faculty members to obtain external funding for research, outreach and teaching innovation.*


Dr. Brian Davis

In his time at Weber State, Dr. Davis has established a reputation as a gifted teacher, an active scholar and an advocate of inter-religious understanding. He teaches a wide range of university students, from freshmen in their late teens to graduate students in their early fifties. Dr. Davis served as founding director of Weber State's Master of Business Administration degree program and as coordinator of the university's Graduate Council during a period in which several new master degree programs were launched. He has twice received the Exemplary Collaboration Award in recognition of his campus-wide contributions. His numerous other university awards include: the Centennial Faculty Teaching Award, the Academic Advising Award, the George and Beth Lowe Innovative Teaching Award, the Rodney H. Brady Crystal Crest Master Teacher Award, and the John S. Hinckley Award for Faculty Excellence.*

  *Spring 2008 Commencement Program