Gwen Williams Prize 2006–2007 Recipient

16th Conference of the International Association of Hispanic Writers

Alicia Giralt, Foreign Language

The purpose of Dr. Giralt’s project was to host the 16th Conference of the International Association of Hispanic Women Writers (AILFH) at Weber State University. It brought together AILFH members from 21 countries, including academicians, critics, writers and publishing houses. The conference was accompanied by concurrent cultural activities such as art exhibits, performances and concerts. Participants, WSU students and members of the area community, enjoyed opportunities to learn about literature, films and 2-D art Hispanic women have produced and are still producing.

The international literary community recognized the quality of WSU students through their participation as volunteers, musicians and dancers. It also provided an avenue to improve the self-image of local Hispanic girls through exposure to successful Hispanic women writers.

Evaluations showed participants were very impressed by the conference, including the quality of papers, readings and round table discussions. A three-day writing workshop, held as part of the conference, was so successful that participants wanted to continue after it was over. It continues in an online format, overseen by one of the visiting presenters.