Gwen Williams Prize 2003–2004 Recipients

Civic Engagement Faculty Retreat

Shannon Butler, English 
Bryan Dorsey, Geography 
Colleen Garside, Communication 
Alicia Giralt, Foreign Languages
Lauren Fowler, Psychology 
Brenda Kowalewski, Sociology 
Kathryn MacKay, History 
Marjukka Ollilainen, Sociology 
Denise Woodbury, Business Administration

The Civic Engagement Faculty Retreat Committee members listed above planned an August 2003 retreat to provide participants an opportunity to discuss and share experiences and insights on their service learning and community based research projects. A total of 80 individuals attended the three-day workshop, including 38 WSU faculty, eight WSU staff members and 17 service learning educators from other institutions. Workshop presenters included the WSU president and interim provost, University of Utah leaders for Campus Compact and the Bennion Center, and national Campus Compact consultants. Three WSU students also shared their experiences with service learning and community-based research. Finally, representatives from six community partner agencies talked about the benefits of service learning and community based research from a recipients’ point of view.