Local Discounts


The Pie Pizzeria

Must show Wildcat Card. 10% off on campus deliveries or on location purchases. Not if you order from home.

Costa Vida Mexican Grill

Bring Wildcat Card. 10% Discount. Availiable in South Ogden and Layton locations. (Not in Riverdale.)



Depends on product. For a Macbook Pro 13", it is $100 off. Pus, 20% Applecare and Hardware.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Student for a cheaper price.

Microsoft Office

Free for students.


Must show student ID for a 10% off discount.


Must show student ID for a 10% off discount.

Radio Shack

Must show student ID for a 10% off discount.


15% discount through an app called Unidays.


$10 student discount and possible $10 autopay and paperless discount per month.


Student discount varies based on the product.


5% off of the entire purchase.



Utah Transit Authority Student Pass

Free at SU Information Center.

State Farm

Discount for good grades. Must be taking 12+ credits and have a 3.0+ GPA. Also, a discount for Associates and Bachelors degrees until you are 25.

Farmers Insurance

If you have good grades, around a 15% discount until age 25.


Must have a 3.5 GPA (B average) or higher. A 5% - 10% discount depending on the client.


If under 25, and percentage varies. Must be in the uper 20% of you calss or have a GPA of a B minus or higher.

*This list was last updated in December 2021 and may not be completely up-to-date. WSU is not affiliated with nor recommending any of these organizations.