Adjunct Faculty

Go to the head of your Department and obtain an Adjunct Faculty request form or click here to download the request form. A new form will need to be brought or sent to the Union Building Info Center each semester you are teaching. You and the department must sign it.

Obtain your Weber State Banner number from payroll. You will need to wait 24 hours after you are in the payroll system to have your picture taken for your Wildcard. You must be in our card database before we can issue your Wildcard.

Bring the filled out form, and a government issued picture I.D. to the Union Building Information Center, located in the Shepherd Union Building lobby.

Your first card is no charge and all replacement cards are $20.00.

Your picture will be taken and you will receive your card shortly thereafter.

  • Adjunct Faculty do not have Spouse, Dependent or Family Wildcard benefits.