What is Podcasting?

Unlike streaming audio, podcasts are similar to radio shows featuring archived audio. They are easy to produce and listen to, which has made them popular with media giants, as well as aspiring radio stars.

Utilizing a computer software program called an "aggregator" or "podcatcher," people subscribe to podcasts in a manner similar to subscribing to a magazine or newspaper. Just like the newspaper, the podcast is delivered to the podcatcher as soon as there are updates to it. The difference is podcasts are free. Examples of podcatchers are iTunes and Juice.


The term "podcasting" combines the word "iPod" with "broadcasting." Although podcasts get their name from Appleā€™s iPod, any MP3 player will do. Simply transfer the file from your computer to your player for portable listening.


Podcasts have added another medium for people to gather information. By podcasting, Weber State University continues to offer the best educational resources available to the community.


Faculty, staff and student organizationsContact us for more information on how to podcast your class, lecture series or speaker.