Senior Project Improves Campus for Fellow Students

OGDEN, Utah – Thanks to the efforts of five graduating seniors, Weber State University students waiting to ride the campus shuttle buses will have better protection against the elements.

As part of a senior project in the Department of Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering Technology, five students are building two shelters to be used at popular shuttle bus stops on campus. The group includes students majoring in manufacturing engineering technology (MFET) with an emphasis in welding and design graphics engineering technology (DGET).

Two of the students, Brock Staheli of Brigham City and Aaron Peterson from Stansbury Park, came up with the idea, when they were waiting for a shuttle bus in the Dee Events Center parking lot. They both thought the existing shelters could be improved.

After contacting the Facilities Management office on campus, they discovered that WSU’s new master transportation plan called for new and expanded bus shelters.

Facilities Management provided $25,000 in funding for the project, which was just enough to cover the cost of materials for the shelters, according to associate professor of manufacturing engineering technology Kerry Tobin, who served as one of the faculty advisers for the project. Made of laminated tempered glass and aluminum, the roof of each structure is 13 feet wide by 18 feet long with an enclosed area measuring approximately 9 feet wide by 15 ½ feet long—substantially larger than the existing shelters on campus.

“Facilities Management asked that we anodize the aluminum so it would withstand the elements and last a lot longer,” said Levi Rasmussen, a DGET student from Layton who worked on the project. “The problem was the 10-foot anodizing tank is smaller than the dimensions of the shelter.”

As a result, the roof system (trusses/braces) and shelter frames were welded in sub assemblies in order to fit in the anodizing tanks. After the students receive the anodized parts back, the sub assemblies will be fit into locating fixtures and mechanically fastened.
Rasmussen said the finishing touch will be to add WSU colors and logos to the shelters, which are expected to have a lifespan of more than 20 years.

Tobin said that while the shelters are nearly complete, more work remains to be done before they are installed on campus. A concrete pad has been poured for the shelter in the Dee Events Center lot. The second shelter, which will be located on Edvalson Street between the Social Sciences and David O. McKay Education buildings, will be installed next spring after prep work is completed on the site.

The five seniors, including Megan Preston and project leader Brad Boyce, presented their senior project on Dec. 7.

The senior project team members include:

Brad Boyce, project leader, DGET major, of Brigham City,
Aaron Peterson, MFET major (emphasis in welding), of Stansbury Park,
Megan Preston, DGET major, of Clearfield,
Levi Rasmussen, DGET major, of Layton, and
Brock Staheli, MFET major (emphasis in welding), of Brigham City.

All five students will graduate during WSU’s December commencement ceremony on Dec. 14.

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