Student Volunteers Organize to Winterize

OGDEN, Utah – For more than 60 years, Serenity House has been helping people with alcohol and drug addictions rebuild their lives. Now it’s Serenity House that’s in need of rehabilitation.

The drug and alcohol rehab center at 529 25th Street in Ogden is housed in a structure that is more than 100 years old.

 Jane Jackson, director of Serenity House, says the facility is in dire need of repair and renovation. The list of deficiencies range from outdated heating, to leaking pipes to kitchen cupboards that are falling apart. The facility is launching a two-year project to repair and renovate the infrastructure of Serenity House. Patients at the center will help with the restoration, but the project will rely heavily on donations and volunteer efforts.

When Rebecca Reese, coordinator for Weber State University’s Health Education Drug and Alcohol Program, learned of Serenity House’s needs, she immediately saw an opportunity for WSU students to assist a community partner.

Reese mentioned the project to WSU senior Ted Garling, president of the student organization, Students Choosing Other Recreational Endeavors. Garling helped organize a group of students who plan to meet at Serenity House at 4 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 13) and help winterize the facility.

“They plan to put plastic over the windows, install insulation strips along the doors and tend to other yard work,” Reese said.

Reese hopes that in the future students in WSU’s interior design and construction management technology programs might lend their expertise to Serenity House’s renovation.

Serenity House is owned by the Utah Alcoholism Foundation. First opened in the 1940s, the facility houses up to 25 residents at a time and treats close to 100 patients a year.

     “Serenity House has given lives back to a lot of people and now it’s time to put the life back in Serenity House,” said Jackson.


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  Jane Jackson, Serenity House director
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