Utahn's Memoirs Offer Glimpse into GOP, Early Years of the Reagan Revolution

OGDEN, Utah – A new autobiography by Ogden native and former Republican National Committee chairman Richard Richards offers a first-hand account of local, state and national politics spanning nearly five decades.

In "Climbing the Political Ladder One Rung at a Time," published by Weber State University, Richards chronicles his life and career as an instrumental figure in the Republican Party at the state and national level.

Richards became involved in Utah's Republican Party at a time when it was a perennial also-ran. Inspired by his personal convictions and dedication, this Weber College alumnus helped to transform Utah's Republican Party into the political powerhouse it is today. Along the way, his success in Utah caught the attention of the GOP's national committee and led to prominent roles in the Nixon, Reagan and Bush presidential campaigns.

Starting in 1968, Richards developed a lasting friendship with Ronald Reagan that led him to be among the first in the nation to foresee the Reagan Revolution that would eventually transform the GOP and the national political scene. That bond eventually led to Reagan endorsing Richards to be the chairman of the Republican National Party in 1981.

Richards' memoirs provide a unique insight into how the Republican Party rose to prominence in Utah and how it redefined politics on the national stage. Still an avid political observer, Richards also shares his thoughts on the current political scene and offers his insights on how it can be reformed.

Richards will be recognized by several prominent Utah Republicans from the past 30 years, including Sen. Orrin Hatch, and former lawmakers Sen. Jake Garn and Rep. Jim Hansen, at an unveiling event for the book scheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 13 at the Lindquist Alumni Center at Weber State University.

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John Kowalewski, director of Media Relations
(801) 626-7212 • jkowalewski@weber.edu
John Kowalewski, director of Media Relations
(801) 626-7212 • jkowalewski@weber.edu