Professor Simonian to Present 6th Annual Hinckley Lecture

OGDEN, Utah – Clinical Laboratory Sciences chair and professor Yasmen Simonian, Weber State University's 2005 Hinckley Fellow, will discuss the effects of various dietary supplements and aspirin on the process of blood clotting, Oct. 31, at 3 p.m. in the Hetzel Pavilion, Marriott Allied Health, 341.

The Hinckley Lecture Series, which began five years ago, is presented annually by WSU's Hinckley Fellow. The presenter chooses the topic based on personal interests or expertise.
Simonian’s presentation, “Will You Bleed Purple if You Drink Purple Grape Juice?” is free to the public.

The Hinckley Fellow is selected through the provost's office based on outstanding teaching, service and scholarship at WSU. Both the award and lecture are made possible through a generous annual gift from the John S. Hinckley Family. Recent Hinckley fellows include Kent Van De Graaff (2004, zoology) and Frank Guliuzza (2003, political science). 

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