WSU Earns Toyota T-TEN Validation

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University’s Department of Automotive Technology and the Technician Training and Education Network (T-TEN) program recently aced the T-TEN Validation.

The T-TEN program is a two-year associate degree program with an emphasis in Toyota service technology. As part of the program, students work as paid service technicians in Toyota or Lexus dealerships.

WSU is one of only six schools nationwide to receive the highest level of certification in the T-TEN program. T-TEN is offered at 44 colleges and universities, according to Vel Casler, department chair.

Passing the Validation event extends and enhances the partnership between Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. and WSU that was established in 1986.

“The Validation event was over two days to be sure that all of the curricula and processes we’ve created and built were installed in the program,” said Kevin Roner, WSU’s lead T-TEN instructor and coordinator.

The Validation team reviewed all of the program course books and verified that each course contained learning outcomes, course objectives, National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation task accounting, daily instructional plans, grading rubrics, lab sheets, written assessments and performance assessments.

Validation was the culminating event of the Consultation Process that started three years ago and involved an extensive development process for curricular assets, instructional assets and operational improvements. “It took several thousand extra hours to make this happen. I’m really proud of the accomplishment for the program,” said Roner, who led the way in the effort with contributions from John Kelly and Joe Grundvig. “This was a major feat of curriculum development.”

Weber State’s T-TEN graduates work in Toyota and Lexus dealerships in the Greater Salt Lake Valley and across the western United States. The program has produced 131 graduates, with another 16 students currently enrolled.

“We are creating high-quality technicians for the dealerships in our community,” Roner said. “If you’ve taken your vehicle to any Toyota dealership from Logan to Provo, then chances are high that the technician who worked on your car is a Weber State T-TEN graduate.”

The T-TEN program has many benefits. WSU gets the training program and assistance from Toyota, which donates vehicles and large auto components and course materials. Toyota and the dealerships gain qualified service technicians to work on their cars. Students attain the skills, certifications, and confidence needed to launch their careers as dealership technicians. And the community secures technicians with the knowledge and ability to fix their vehicles.

“The big benefit is for the customers in the communities of the dealerships we service through the partnership we’ve enjoyed with Toyota through this 25-year relationship,” Roner said.

Plans are under way to expand the program’s reach into southern Idaho, western Wyoming and Nevada. “If we can reach out to Boise, Idaho, and pull in a couple of students from that area, train them here and place them in dealerships in their area, that extends the program’s coverage and WSU’s impact on the western United States.”

Current student placements are concentrated in Utah, and Roner mentioned one in Oregon and another in Colorado.

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