Sculptor Helps WSU Community Envision Water Through Art

OGDEN, Utah – Sculptor Andy Dufford will share his life’s passion and discuss his new work of public art on display along the Ogden River Parkway during “Envisioning Water,” a convocation hosted by Weber State University, Oct. 18 at noon in the Browning Center Allred Theater.   

Inspired by the cycle of water from winter snow to spring runoff, Dufford created “Water Cycle,” which includes a sculpture of a flock of birds symbolizing the winter solstice.

 “Art is a vehicle for making connections to the world,” Dufford said. “Images and forms can freeze complex processes in motion, miniaturize vast distances and enlarge tiny particles.”

Dufford will discuss how art and imagination can help people understand and care for our watersheds. He will share his process and inspiration for “Water Cycle,” and other water-related projects, provide a brief stone-carving demonstration and answer questions throughout the presentation.

“The focus of my talk is to show how art can help us imagine and understand the way that water links each of us to our own home place and the wider world beyond,” Dufford said.

Dufford apprenticed with a painter and completed undergraduate work in design and community development. After living in Europe and experiencing cities created by skilled artists, he expanded his concept of public art, and creating beautiful public places became his primary focus.

The event, in collaboration with WSU’s Water Works series, is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Student Involvement and Leadership and is free and open to the public.

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