Program Helps Companies Protect Data from Cyber Attack

OGDEN, Utah - As a society we have become increasingly dependent on technology, all the while putting ourselves at greater risk for theft of data, damage from computer-borne viruses and worms, and the take-over of company networks by hackers.

If you have Internet access, you’re at risk. The only proven way to protect your company and information from cyber attacks is by taking security precautions.

Weber State University professor Pat Logan has developed the Chief Information Security Officer Certificate Program (CISO) to protect computers and networks from cyber attacks. She will be doing a mini-demonstration of the CISO concepts for the Weber Chamber of Commerce October 15, from 7:30-9:30 a.m. at the Weber Center, 2484 Washington Blvd., Suite 400 in Ogden.

Find out how hackers and cyber-criminals can penetrate your network and what you can do to prevent access.

The event costs $10 per person, payable upon arrival at the demonstration.  For more information on CISO visit


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