WSU Electronics Engineering Receives Favorable Accreditation Review

OGDEN, Utah –Weber State University’s Department of Engineering, received an encouraging visit from ABET, the organization that accredits engineering programs nationally.

A visiting team spent two days conducting extensive interviews with administration, faculty, students and various university support personnel. The results provided preliminary approval of WSU’s electronics engineering program and its curriculum inside and outside the department.

“What accreditation means is employability for our students,” said Kirk Hagen, chair of engineering. “Hill Air Force Base has positions open and ready to be filled by Weber State graduates of this program. This accreditation is crucial for our students to compete.”

The base is just one employer along the Wasatch Front that requires its electronics engineering positions be filled with graduates from an ABET-accredited engineering program, the gold standard of the industry.

Since its inception in 2010, eight students have received their bachelor’s degrees with an additional 200 students declaring engineering as a major.

ABET examined how the department assesses its program, the curriculum and other courses students take outside of the department.

“ABET is always concerned that engineering programs have institutional support. Following the interviews, they were impressed by the favorable backing our program receives throughout the campus,” Hagen said. 
The visiting team recommended a few minor changes in the program, which are currently being addressed, but the board identified the department’s solid, student-centered commitment as one of its notable strengths.

Formal accreditation is expected during summer 2013. The Department of Engineering is part of the College of Applied Science & Technology.

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