Staff Working to Restore Access to WebCT Vista

OGDEN, Utah -- Database administrators in WSU’s Administrative Computing are working with external computer engineers to restore access to WebCT Vista as quickly as possible.

The problem was caused when the WSU Computing Operations Center unexpectedly lost power last Thursday (9/22), causing the machines to suffer a “hard crash.” The power outage occurred during an inspection of the fire suppression system, when a technician inadvertently activated an emergency power shutdown instead of a system alarm. Due to the abrupt shutdown, the Computing Operations Center machines were not able to access the uninterruptible power systems and avoid the crash.

WebCT Vista remains down while WSU Information Technology staff work with external computer engineers to recover data affected by the crash. The system will be restored once the data recovery process is complete. At that time, faculty and staff will be informed of any data that could not be restored as a result of the crash. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

We will send updated information on the status of WebCT Vista as it becomes available

John Kowalewski, director of Media Relations
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