Davis Campus to Offer Engineering Technology Classes

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University's Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology is offering five new classes at the WSU Davis Campus this fall.

Bill Clapp, the department chair, is endeavoring to bring courses from the engineering technology courses closer to Hill Air Force Base and Davis County students. Hill Air Force Base has roughly 1,000 electronics technician positions. WSU graduates hold approximately one third of those jobs.

The specific courses offered will be CEET 1130 digital systems, CEET 1150/2150 embedded controllers, CEET 2110 semi-conductors, CEET 3050 assembly language and device drivers and CEET 3070 Engineering research and writing.

For more information contact the CEET department at (801) 626-6898.

Bill Clapp, CEET department chair
(801) 626-7097 • wclapp@weber.edu
Jonathan McBride, office of Media Relations
(801) 626-7948 • jonathanmcbride@weber.edu