Social Science Building Undergoes Emergency Repair

OGDEN, Utah – Damage to the roof of the Social Science Building at Weber State University will require emergency repairs that will take approximately four weeks to complete.

"The roof membrane has lifted off of the substructure and left gaping holes in the roof," said Kevin Hansen, associate vice president for facilities and campus planning. "If we have any rain, the building will not be protected."

The initial cause of the problem occurred in July when a portion of the roof pulled away from the substructure. University officials immediately began working with the state roofing manager and the roofing materials manufacturers to exercise the warranty on the roof. Even though the roof has now experienced a total failure, the warranty will be honored and a contractor is ready to start.

Some disruptions will occur due to the construction project. Approximately 30-40 parking stalls in the A1 parking lot will be closed to provide a staging and materials storage area for the contractor. Anyone with an A1 parking pass will be able to park in any A lot for the duration of the repair project. 

There also will be a debris collection area on the east side of the Social Science Building for roofing crews to use in demolishing and removing the old materials. Pedestrian access will be limited to specific entrances and at times constricted. Covered canopies will be placed over each open entrance to the Social Science Building to assure safe passage for people entering or leaving the building.

Hansen said the university is working closely with the contractor to avoid classroom disruptions during the project.

"We realize the timing could be better, but there is no other choice than to do this now," Hansen said. "The building is essentially unprotected from the weather, and the repairs must be done as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to minimize the disruption and restore things to normal as soon as possible."

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Travis Clemens, assistant director of Media Relations
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Kevin Hansen, associate vice president for facilities and campus planning
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