New Director at WSU Will Link Innovative Ideas On and Off Campus

OGDEN, Utah – The new director of Weber State University’s Office of Sponsored Projects and Technology Commercialization is in the business of finding and sharing ideas that solve problems.
James Taylor wants to apply student creativity and faculty knowledge to help businesses maximize their potential.

“We want students to have more practical experience and applied opportunities,” Taylor said. “Educated students can be a beacon of innovation, and their ideas can offer  insights to business challenges.”

Taylor is inviting community members and WSU alumni to bring their ideas or concerns to campus for students and faculty to provide research and a fresh perspective.

“Alumni can engage with us on an entrepreneurial level,” Taylor explained. “We invite them to bring ideas to campus that students can run with and help develop. It’s another way for alumni to both give and receive from the university.”

 In the entrepreneurial relationship Taylor envisions, businesses will glean information, and students will gain practical experience to help build their resumes for careers or graduate schools.

“Students who work with faculty on exciting and challenging research questions get an incredible education,” Taylor said. “We want to allow every student to participate who is interested, particularly when we can take their ideas and get them to the marketplace. We also want to make it possible for faculty to successfully blend research into their curriculum.”

In order to help make more collaboration a reality, Taylor said his goal is to double the amount of money available for student and faculty research projects to $24 million within the next few years.

Taylor holds a law degree from the University of Utah where he went on to work on a number of research/business partnerships as the executive director of the Energy Commercialization Center and the associate director of the Partnership Development Technology Commercialization Office.

He wants to make sure campus and community members know his new office in the Miller Administration Building has an open door and that his approach is interdisciplinary. He wants to bring faculty and students across campus together on interesting collaborations with a wide variety of community partners. 

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James Taylor, director, Office of Sponsored Projects and Technology Commercialization 
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