WSU’s MBA Students Receive Top Scores on National Test

OGDEN, Utah – Students graduating from Weber State University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program recently scored in the 98th percentile overall on the Major Field Test for MBA, a standardized national test. The 99th percentile is the highest score possible.

Administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) to approximately 225 schools nationwide, the test assesses mastery of concepts, principles and knowledge by graduating MBA students.

WSU’s overall success was achieved through high marks on individual sections. MBA students scored in the 92nd percentile in marketing; the 98th percentile in management; the 99th percentile in finance; the 99th percentile in managerial accounting; and the 98th percentile in strategic integration. 

This is not the first set of outstanding results for WSU’s MBA students. In the past five testing periods, they have scored between the 94th and 98th percentiles. 

The enrollment director of the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics, Mark Stevenson, said the MBA program implemented the test in 2002 as one tool in an overall assessment and improvement plan.

“When we see a long-term trend in the Major Field Test data, we go back and use that as part of our continuous improvement discussions,” Stevenson said. “We then make adjustments, so we get steady improvement in each individual emphasis.” 

The test consists of 124 multiple-choice questions as well as short case-study scenarios, diagrams, graphs and statistical data. The test is not something students can cram for; they prepare as they learn in the program. Jeff Lovell, a 2012 MBA graduate learned enough to earn a score in the 98th percentile.

“We were encouraged not to try to study for the test as it covered such a broad spectrum of topics,” Lovell explained. “With that said, it is very apparent to me that the MBA program at Weber State takes the ETS test very seriously. Much of the material I saw on the test was familiar because it had been taught in one or more of the classes that I participated in while attending the program.”

Mark Olsen, a 2012 graduate who scored in the 98th percentile overall, said the test results reflect the cumulative knowledge he gained in the program.

“An MBA program isn't and can't be designed to make any student an expert in every discipline studied,” Olsen said. “However, each student needs skills to communicate with experts in diverse areas. Individual courses provide the breadth needed to understand each discipline. What was very helpful to me was the way the WSU courses layered on top of each other to provide additional depth and understanding beyond that offered by a specific course.”

Stevenson said WSU students do well on the test because of the carefully crafted curriculum, faculty with extensive industry experience and mature classmates who have worked professionally and can add depth to the learning environment.

Patrick Warner also graduated in April 2012 with an MBA and a graduate certificate in aerospace management. He was pleased to learn he had scored in the 99th percentile on the ETS test. He works at Hill Air Force Base as a civilian in electronics engineering. He said his education didn’t just prepare him for the test, but it also prepared him to contribute to the aerospace industry.

“The Air Force always wants civilians to get education,” Warner said. “They want people who are learning the latest and greatest skills and techniques. I feel like what I learned at Weber State, especially in process improvement, will be a great benefit to the Air Force.”

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