Changing Construction Industry Prompts WSU to Offer Classes at SLCC

OGDEN, Utah – Responding to growing demand from construction companies and construction workers, Weber State University will offer construction management technology classes at Salt Lake Community College beginning this fall.

SLCC currently offers two associate’s degree programs in construction management. A new partnership between the two institutions provides construction management students more flexibility in earning a bachelor’s degree from WSU through the University Center at SLCC. Students completing associate’s degrees at SLCC may transfer into the program and continue to take classes.

“The construction industry is changing,” said Jeff Plant, program coordinator of the Parson Construction Management Technology program at WSU. “The construction firms on our program advisory board have repeatedly stated that there is an increasing need for employees with management training, not just construction experience.”

Plant said when a firm enters a bid for a job today, it’s not uncommon for the client to request references for site or project managers to ensure the job will be managed efficiently. Complex software programs, increased need for effective communication and costly penalties for missed deadlines have led firms to require that managers hold a four-year degree in construction management.

Plant said companies have found hiring employees with bachelor’s degrees provides a “cost-efficient way to manage jobs with the minimum amount of resources and the fewest possible mistakes.”

A survey conducted by SLCC found 69 percent of the construction employers expect an increased need for managers with a bachelor’s degree in construction management over the next three years. Eighty percent of those employers reported they anticipate future job opportunities for the program’s graduates, while an equal percentage said they would refer their own employees to the program.

SLCC’s needs assessment also found 66 percent of the students working on associate’s degrees in construction management at SLCC planned to continue their education in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

By offering classes at SLCC, WSU has made it easier for students from the Salt Lake City area to further their education in construction management. Classes are offered at night so students may earn a degree while working full time.

More information about the program is available at Students interested in the program should contact Katrina Green at (801) 957-4858.

John Kowalewski