WSU to Offer Married Student Housing

NOTE: This release was first published in 2005. Because of changes to our housing facilities, married student housing is no longer available at WSU.

OGDEN, Utah – Beginning in August, Weber State University Housing and Residence Life will re-open LaSal and Stansbury Halls for married student housing.

With 36 percent of WSU's student population married, the Housing and Residence Life office decided to offer married students a place to live on campus by using existing buildings that had closed when the University Village complex opened in 2002. The two residence halls will offer accommodations for up to 24 couples to live on campus.

For approximately $600 per month, couples will get a two-bedroom, 1.5-bath suite. Rent includes phone, electricity, furniture, gas, water, sewer, cable TV and Internet access.

Daniel Kilcrease, director of Housing and Residence Life, said that more than 40 people have already contacted his office about married housing and 12 couples have committed to moving in.

Housing officials also plan to use the opportunity to organize social activities for the couples.

Kilcrease said the university will review the demand for married student housing on an annual basis before deciding to renew the program.

For more information or to inquire about married student housing, call (801) 626-7275.

Daniel Kilcrease, Director of Housing and Residence Life
(801) 626-6968 ·


Travis Clemens, office of Media Relations
(801) 626-7948 ·