WSU Reaching Out in Summer College Summit Program

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University will host the first-ever Summer College Summit Program June 28-30 to prepare more than 50 high school students for college.

The Student to Student Outreach Program – a collaborative effort between WSU and the Ogden City School District, which helps elementary through high school students prepare for college – organized the three-day program.

To meet the program’s criteria, participants must be entering their senior year of high school this fall, potential first-generation university graduates, part of a low-income family and on track for high school graduation. A majority of the participants are ethnic-minority students from Ogden and Ben Lomond high schools. Counselors from both schools recruited the students and encouraged them to register for the program.

The students will reside in on-campus housing during the program and participate in a variety of workshops and activities. Program participants will attend ACT prep classes emphasizing math and English competency, team building exercises, an overview of the different services to students on campus, college-preparatory workshops and a service project.

Funding for the three-day program comes from a UBS Bank grant to encourage high school students to attend university.

Program organizers hope to make this an annual event.


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