Utah Leadership Academy Comes to WSU

OGDEN, Utah — Weber State University will host the annual Utah Leadership Academy (ULA), to bring together newly elected and appointed student association leaders from higher education institutions around Utah, May 16-18.

Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) president Lola Moli attended the conference previously as a WSUSA leader and found the experience helpful in learning the roles and responsibilities required to be successful.

“ULA is incredible because it brings student leaders to one conference where they can network and learn from one another,” Moli said. “The ability to feed off each other’s energy and get excited to make plans for the upcoming year, while feeling like part of this bigger leadership community, is really awesome.”          

The Utah Professionals in Student Involvement and Leadership and the Utah Student Association (USA) are two statewide organizations that support and promote ULA each year. The academy traditionally rotates among higher education institutions, so each campus has a chance to be highlighted.

“It’s an incredible honor, honestly, to be the host,” Moli said. “I am excited for students from other universities to come and see this amazing campus and to interact with the community. Our team is super excited for ULA and the opportunity to represent the pride we have for Weber State.”

The theme of this year’s academy is “In Your Wildest Dreams.” The staff of WSU’s Student Involvement and Leadership, who have spent this past year planning ULA 2017, hope the experience will move participants out of their comfort zones, consider all that is possible and get excited about the potential to achieve their wildest dreams.

In addition to training and networking, participants will have the opportunity to participate in five community service projects throughout the Ogden community, including building a home with Habitat for Humanity and assisting children at the Greenwood Charter school.

During the academy, student association presidents will begin the process of choosing a shared theme for the upcoming school year. Themes are usually issues that affect every member of the student body. Many of the statewide events and speakers sponsored by the Utah Student Association raise awareness to issues surrounding the theme. Last year USA focused on mental health wellness on college campuses with emphasis on suicide prevention and access to treatment.

“I think it is vital for student leaders from these different institutions to work collaboratively,” said Zach Berger, president of the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU). “As representatives of nearly all students enrolled in higher education in the state, we have a singular opportunity to advocate for the interests of students with a cohesive and powerful voice. From my perspective as the presiding officer of ASUU, which is a complex, multifaceted organization, it's also invaluable to be able to consult with students in a similar position, so I can incorporate their advice and input in the U’s operations.”

Student leaders interested in participating in this event can find more information here.

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