Leadership Forum Reviews Education in Utah

OGDEN, Utah – The Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service at Weber State University will host the Haven J. Barlow Spring Leadership Forum with the panel discussion “Education in Utah: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?” The discussion will be held April 10, 12 to 1:30 p.m. in the Shepherd Union Ballroom A. 
The event brings together leading voices on education in Utah to discuss the current state of education and how to meet the educational needs of Utah to produce an educated citizenry with workforce skills to compete in the global marketplace.

Former Gov. Walker, for whom education in Utah was a signature issue during her term in office, will introduce the panelists, and Nolan Karras, co-chair of the group Education First, will facilitate the discussion. Panelists include leading voices in the education debate in Utah: Mark Bouchard, Prosperity 2020 chair; Utah Sen. Jerry Stevenson, R-Layton; Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan; Larry K. Shumway, former state superintendent; and Nicole Tripp, WSU student.

Also presenting will be the Walker Institute student research team of Dallin Cottle, James Duckworth, Noreen Barnes, Nicole Tripp and Andrew Hyder with associate political science professor Gary Johnson, history professor Kathryn MacKay, and assistant teacher education professor Louise Moulding as advisers. In the spring and summer of 2013 the team examined national funding for No Child Left Behind and explored the implementation of teacher effectiveness programs in the state of Utah, with particular emphasis on selected Utah counties. After analyzing national, state and county-level data, the team will make policy recommendations to state and local agencies, elected officials and the academic community about implementation and funding of teacher effectiveness programs.

The mission of the Walker Institute is to sponsor programs, support political science research, enhance opportunities to develop student leadership and promote active democratic citizenship and engagement in public service at the local, state and national levels. 

The new director of the Walker Institute, Carol McNamara, was appointed in January 2013. She was a political science professor and co-director of operations of the Institute of Government and Politics at Utah State University prior to joining the Walker Institute.  McNamara has a doctoral degree in political science from Boston College and conducts research in the areas of the American presidency and political theory.

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Carol McNamara, Walker Institute director
801-626-6206 • carolmcnamara@weber.edu
Carol McNamara, director Walker Institute
801-626-6206 • carolmcnamara@weber.edu