Interior Design Students Take Bite Out of Edible Chair Contest

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University interior design students won 13 of the 18 student division awards at the 8th Annual Incredible Edible Chair Contest held in Salt Lake City.

Creatively using such tasteful "upholstery" as licorice, artichokes, bell peppers, asparagus spears and mushroom caps, WSU entries claimed nine prizes in the student categories and four additional discretionary awards. The contest received a total of 65 entries from students at WSU, Utah State University and LDS Business College.

Among the WSU entries, Rebeccah Harden's "Home is Where Your Chair Is," made from cake, won Best in Show for the student division. Melissa Siggard's "Banana Foster" entry, utilizing dried bananas, received the Judges Award.

Entries had to feature chairs that were 90 percent edible and could be built to scale or full size. The chair had to be tilted and able to support itself for a minimum of eight hours.

The contest, sponsored by local members of the International Interior Design Association, was held March 7 at Alpine Art in Salt Lake City.

WSU Student Award Winners

Best of Show:
  "Home is Where Your Chair Is" by Rebeccah Harden
Judges Award:  "Banana Foster"   by Melisa Siggard
Most Creative:  "Lounge of Veggie King"  by Alisa Hansen
Best Presentation: "Veggie Chair"   by Jessica Wignall
Most Innovative Use of Materials:  "Tiffany by Lifesavers"  by Kisha Turnbeaugh
Most Appetizing: "Split Me"    by Joe Facer
Eye Candy:  "Licorice Lounge"   by Deborah Day
Alpine Art Award: "Springtime in Paris"   by Alana Woodbury
Broken Heart:  "Little Red Wagon"   by Crystal Sink

Discretionary Awards Recipients
"Couch Cauliflower  by Denise Kelly
"Italy Goes Camping"  by Rob Call
"Ladder-back Chair"  by Krystal Winn
"Chunky Chair"  by Audrey Murdock



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