Symposium to Showcase Undergraduate Research at WSU

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University will host the third annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration on March 27 from noon to 5 p.m. in the Shepherd Union Building.

The symposium offers a forum for students to present their research findings and share experiences with the campus and community. The event will include approximately 80 presentations by more than 120 students.

The oral and poster presentations represent a broad cross section of departments and disciplines at WSU. Scheduled presentation topics range from examining the relationship between male hormones and migraine headaches, to studying how the Battle of Mogadishu has influenced U.S. military strategy, to analyzing whether Disney films from the last 50 years reflect changing societal values.

“Learning to disseminate information in a setting like this is an important part of the research process,” said associate zoology professor John Cavitt, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research at WSU.

Cavitt said the symposium offers students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. In many cases, it also serves as a dress rehearsal for upcoming presentations at national conferences.

“They get a chance to practice with a supportive audience,” Cavitt said. “Faculty and peers may offer pointers or suggestions on ways to enhance or improve the presentation for future events.” Cavitt said the event helps make other students aware of these kinds of research opportunities.

Undergraduate research fosters collaborations between students and faculty mentors, allowing students to explore areas of interest in greater detail or depth.

“Experiences like these on a student’s resume impress both potential employers and graduate school admissions officers,” Cavitt said. “It demonstrates a commitment to learning that extends beyond memorizing facts and theories from a textbook. These students have taken concepts they’ve learned and applied them to real-life issues, helping them think critically and develop problem-solving skills.”

John Cavitt, director, Office of Undergraduate Research

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