WSU Students Share the Importance of Healthy Brains During Brain Awareness Week

OGDEN, Utah — The Neuroscience Program at Weber State University has planned a week of events to educate the community on brain awareness, March 7-11.

Brain Awareness Week will feature a variety of brain-related activities and demonstrations for local schools and organizations. Nearly 40 volunteer students from WSU will spend their spring break providing presentations to youth, ranging from preschool to high school.  

“We want to get kids interested in science,” said Zoee Miller, WSU Brain Awareness Week co-director. “To spark an interest in continuing education at such a young age is so important.”

This year, the dangers and causes of traumatic brain injury will be highlighted. Other topics will include the anatomy of the brain, the effects of drug use on the brain, the importance of wearing a helmet, the benefits of a well-balanced diet and how to avoid concussions.

“It’s so beneficial to know how to keep your brain healthy,” Miller said. “A lot of people talk about your brain like it’s some kind of myth. They still talk about mental illness like it’s nothing. But it’s your brain, and it’s important.”

Sheep brains will be used to study and practice dissection, which Miller said is one of her favorite parts of the week. She said kids either love it or hate it, but she always looks forward to seeing their reactions.   

Participants will have the opportunity to wear beer goggles, which simulate alcohol impairment, and concussion goggles, which simulate the effects of a traumatic brain injury. Students will also have the chance to study their DNA and practice DNA isolation after a cheek swab.

Lessons will be taught at locations throughout Weber and Davis counties, including Roy Junior High School, North Ogden Junior High School, Ogden Preparatory Academy and Boys and Girls Clubs in Ogden and Roy.

Brain Awareness Week was created by the Dana Alliance to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. WSU has been hosting Brain Awareness Week events since 2002.

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