Professor Will Explain How Microbiology Has Shaped History

Weber State University microbiology professor Craig Oberg will present “A Pocket Full of Rocks” or “How Microbes Rule the World,” Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Lindquist Alumni Center.

Unseen but omnipotent, microorganisms control human behavior, human history, and Earth’s biology.  Microbes are in involved in everything from diarrhea to Rome’s demise to Yellowstone National Park.

Extremophiles and narwhales, H1N1 and sex, pond mud and brine flies, Legionnaires disease and Mt. St. Helens, even “invasion of the body snatchers” will be included in an eclectic examination of the microbial world’s power. Oberg will share observations on microbes’ curious domain, based on his thirty years of “picking up rocks.”

The presentation, presented by the WSU Alumni Association and Weber Historical Society, is free to the public.

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