Ogden Tram Debate at Honors Issues Forum

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey and Sierra Club representative Dan Schroeder will debate the pros and cons of building a tram in Ogden as part of an Honors Issues Forum at Weber State University.

The debate will be held at noon, Jan. 26 in the Shepherd Union Wildcat Theater.

Mayor Godfrey, along with other city and business leaders, has proposed building a tram on the west side of Mount Ogden, connecting Weber State University and Snowbasin Ski Resort. Proponents of the tram believe it will attract tourists year round and invigorate the Ogden economy.

Opponents of the tram, including the Sierra Club, argue the tram is unnecessary and will disturb the beauty of the mountain. They are concerned about the cost of the project, its feasibility and the potential impact on the environment.

The debate is open to the public. Due to parking constraints, visitors are encouraged to park in the Dee Events Center and ride shuttle buses to the Shepherd Union Building.

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