MBA Students to Determine Super Bowl Winners & Losers

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University MBA students are really getting into the Super Bowl this year -- or more exactly -- the commercials shown during the game.

 Every year companies and ad agencies sink millions of dollars into pitching their products to the biggest television audience of the year. Developing a successful Super Bowl commercial has become almost as important as winning the game itself.
 This year a group of MBA students, along with other business majors, will watch the game on a big-screen television in the Smith Lecture Room in the Wattis Business Building, paying even more attention to the commercial breaks than the action on the field.

Each student will receive a list of commercials scheduled to air during the broadcast that the Wall Street Journal has identified as the biggest ads of the game. They’ll evaluate the ads on creativity and impact. The individual rankings will be tallied to determine the group’s top three commercials.

 ABC, the network broadcasting the Super Bowl this year, reports it is close to selling all of the 61 30-second spots available during the game. With advertisers paying up to $2.2 million for a slot, companies are hoping their commercials connect with consumers, media and their own employees.

 Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Cadillac and H&R Block are just a few of the 26 advertisers ready to take the field for Sunday’s game. Whether they score a touchdown or not will be left to the WSU students to decide.


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