WSU Names Endowed Chair

OGDEN, Utah –With an eye toward building a globally recognized supply chain management program, Weber State University named Stanley Fawcett to the John B. Goddard Endowed Chair in Global Supply Chain Management.

“Dr. Fawcett was chosen for this honor because of his outstanding research as well as his dynamic teaching,” said Jeff Steagall, dean of the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics. “With his reputation and expertise, he could be at any university in the world. We are honored he chose Weber State.”

John Goddard and his wife, Geraldine, provided funds to create the chair. The endowed chair will allow WSU to recruit internationally for distinguished teaching and research faculty.

“Building a strong base of faculty talent will enrich the academic environment and attract the brightest of students to campus,” Steagall said. “Students in supply chain management will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Fawcett and other talented scholars.”

Supply chain management is a fairly new discipline that focuses on teaching companies how to maximize profits by improving relationships with consumers and suppliers. “Fawcett will bring national attention to our program, lead the curriculum and recruit new students from all over the nation,” Steagall said. “Students will earn a degree at WSU, and we will be able to put them to work right here in Utah, bolstering our local economy.”

Improving the standard of living for everyone is Fawcett’s ultimate goal. “Our graduates will possess the skills they need to get great jobs,” Fawcett said. “In return, companies will be thrilled to hire them because they will be able to meet their customers’ needs.”

WSU has the only supply chain management program in Utah, boasting a 100 percent placement rate in degree and certificate programs with employers such as Hill Air Force Base, Ford, Boeing and General Electric. “Graduates are in high demand with two-and-a-half jobs being offered to every graduate,” Fawcett said. “We’ll reach out to freshmen and sophomores, introduce them to the field and provide them with an engaging curriculum.”

Fawcett joined WSU’s faculty in August as a visiting professor. He is an active researcher who has published more than 100 papers in the areas of supply chain integration, global network design and manufacturing strategy. Fawcett received his doctorate from Arizona State University and has had the opportunity to teach professional development programs in North and South America. His wife, Dee Fawcett, will join WSU’s faculty in July as an assistant professor in supply chain management following the completion of her doctorate at the University of Arkansas. Her expertise focuses on disaster relief and humanitarian efforts.

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