ROTC Program Presents WSU with Piece of Pentagon

OGDEN, Utah – In recognition of Weber State University’s continuing commitment  to its Army ROTC program, the university was presented with a plaque featuring a portion of the Pentagon damaged in the September 11 terrorist attack.

 Richard Sadler, dean of the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Lt. Col. Jack Sturgeon, military science professor, presented the plaque to members of the WSU administration during today’s board of trustees meeting.

 The five-sided wooden plaque features a brick taken from the Pentagon. Also mounted on the plaque is a Department of the Army coin and a brass placard with an inscription thanking WSU for its support of Army ROTC. Sturgeon said the plaque is a token of appreciation from all the program’s cadets over the years.

 Three months ago Sturgeon first learned that a limited number of bricks from the rubble of the Pentagon had been set aside for ROTC battalions. He wrote to the Department of the Army, Director of Operations, Readiness and Mobilization to request a brick for WSU. He was surprised to discover that WSU was only the second battalion in the country to make the request.

 “They had a very strict set of guidelines we had to follow to ensure the bricks were going to the institutions and not being requested for personal interests,” Sturgeon said.

 Since then, Sturgeon has told ROTC programs at other institutions throughout the region about the bricks and encouraged them to request their own.

 “WSU has been seen as a good institution for supporting and encouraging Army ROTC,” Sturgeon said. “I saw this plaque as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the university’s strong support for what we do.”

 WSU’s Army ROTC program has produced over 400 officers and is ranked among the top 6 percent of Army ROTC programs in the country -- currently 18th out of 270 schools. In 2002, the Wildcat Battalion received the Order of Founders and Patriots of America Award from the U.S. Army’s Cadet Command after being selected the top program in the western region.


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