Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Upward Bound?

Any student who meets the following criteria is eligible to participate in Upward Bound, provided there is space in the program:

  • Grade 9-12
  • Attends Ogden, Ben Lomond, or Clearfield High School, (or a junior high that feeds into one of these high schools)
  • Family is low-income according to federal guidelines and/or neither parent has earned a bachelor’s degree
Please know that most participants enter the program in their 9th grade year, which means that the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade cohorts are usually full.

How much does it cost to participate in Upward Bound?

Nothing. Upward Bound is a federally-funded program, and is free to qualifying participants.

How does Upward Bound recruit new students?

Eligible students in the 9-12 grades are recommended by school counselors, teachers, friends, family, and other community members. Each recommended student meets with the Upward Bound director. Students may then be invited to participate in Upward Bound, and will need to complete the required paperwork.

How can I refer a student?

Call our office at (801) 626-6798.

How will I know if I have been selected to participate in Upward Bound?

Once a student is selected, he or she will be visited at school by one of the Upward Bound staff. The staff will provide an official welcome letter and the necessary new student paperwork to the student.

If I attend/will attend a high school that is not Ogden, Ben Lomond, or Clearfield can I still participate in Upward Bound?

No. As per our federal guidelines, we cannot serve students that do not attend one of these target schools.

Which junior high schools do you work with?

Currently, we work with North Davis, Sunset, Mount Ogden, Mound Fort, and Highland Junior High Schools.

Do participants have to complete both the academic year component and summer component of the program?

Yes. Students must attend all Saturday College Prep sessions during the school year, as well as participate in community service and academic/cultural activities. Students must participate in the six-week summer program as well, which includes the academic field trip and residential experience.

If I am a participant in Weber State University’s Upward Bound program, do I have to attend Weber State for college?

No. You can apply to any university you wish. Our students have attended Weber State University, Utah State University, University of Utah, Stanford University, Georgetown University, Colgate University and many other institutions.

Does Upward Bound pay for my college?

No. Upward Bound does not provide funds to pay for students’ tuition, fees, books, etc. However, we do provide you the support and experience you need to qualify and apply for scholarships and financial aid for college.

How many students does Upward Bound serve?

Upward Bound serves a minimum of 82 students each year.

Does Upward Bound provide transportation for its participants?

Upward Bound will provide transportation for activities from Weber State University’s main campus. Transportation to and from campus is the responsibility of the participant and his/her family.