Paper & Pencil Testing

Instructors should associate the Proctorio - Paper site if students will be taking a paper exam.


If a student takes the exam using Proctorio, they will have the ability to download and print the paper exam if needed. They will also have access to open websites so they can download the pictures of their paper exam to submit.

If a student takes the exam in the physical testing center, instructors will still need to deliver the paper exams to the approved testing center. Students cannot take a picture of their work or upload their work in the testing center environment.  They will receive a copy of the paper exam and return the exam to the testing center staff when they are done.

Testing Site Parameters Proctorio - Paper

The students will receive the following notification before they begin their exam:

  • Any loss of network connectivity and the exam will end automatically, please make sure your current connection is stable during the entire exam.
  • Your clipboard will be disabled during the exam. Copy and paste functions will not work and your current clipboard will be emptied.
  • Once your exam is submitted, the browser cache will be cleared.
  • You will not be able to begin the exam until you disconnect additional screens or monitors
  • You will not be allowed to right-click the exam

The following information will be collected during the duration of the exam:

  • Your microphone
  • Your webcam
  • Your physical location
  • Your Identity
  • Your clipboard
  • Your mouse location
  • Your browser size
  • Your browser tabs and windows
  • Your head movements
  • Your eye movements
  • Your mouth movements
  • Your entire screen
  • Any website your visit
  • A scan of your testing environment
  • Any other application running
  • Number of display screens connected

How to create a paper test to use with Proctorio

*The paper tests will need to be created as an online test in ChiTester.

  1. Create an online test in ChiTester. Make sure you include “Paper” in the exam name.
  2. Add one question to the test (recommend using essay question type)
  3. Paste in sample test question text (below) or add your own text
  4. Upload a copy of your exam (PDF format) to the test question and include instructions for the student

Sample Test Question: 

  1. Print a copy of this test and show your work for each question
  2. When you are done with your paper test, use your cell phone to take a picture of your work. Make sure you show all of your work and that the picture is clear
  3. Send the picture of your work from your cell phone to your computer
  4. Go to open your course and assignment, then submit your work.
  5. Make sure the picture you are submitted is one of the following types of image files: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG


All paper tests should include “Paper” in the test name to help the testing center quickly identify the type of test the student will be taking so they can determine if certain flagged events are an issue when they are reviewing the Proctorio recording. Including “Paper” in the title also helps the testing center ensure the correct exam is given in the physical testing center.

The test instructions for the testing personnel should be updated to include when the student can use their cell phone and when the student can access websites. For example,

Sample Testing Personnel Instructions:

This is a paper exam. Students can use their cell phone at the end of their exam to take a picture of their work. The student will need to transfer the file from their phone to their computer. The students will access to submit the pictures of their completed exam.

Sample Student Instructions:

If you are taking your test using Proctorio, you will need to complete a few security checks before you click Begin Test. Please use a mirror or the selfie camera on your cell phone, to show the monitor and keyboard. Make sure you show the edges of the monitor and keyboard. Once you have shown the monitor and keyboard, place your cell phone on silent and place it face down on your desk.

You can use scratch paper on your exam. Please hold the paper(s) up to the webcam and show both sides. Make sure the entire page is showing. The scratch paper must be blank.

You can use a scientific calculator. Please hold the calculator up to the webcam and show both sides.

You can have 2 sheets of notes. Please show your notes to the camera.

Once you have completed your test, use your cell phone to take pictures of your work. You will need to transfer the picture to your computer and then submit them in Canvas. You can only access a website to download the pictures of your paper exam and to upload the pictures to the Canvas assignment.

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