Faculty Proctorio FAQ

There will be two options for secure testing for the fall semester: In-Person and Online with Proctorio

In-Person Testing 

The testing center is open for on-campus testing. Faculty are once again able to choose how their exams are administered including choosing the testing centers they want to utilize. There is no limit on the number of exams a faculty may submit for a course.

Online Testing Option: Proctorio

Please read our letter regarding the Faculty Summer 2021 Procedures.

ProctorioThe university has purchased the online proctoring service Proctorio.

Instructors can use Proctorio to allow students to take their secure ChiTester exams outside of a physical testing center. Proctorio records the student's webcam, audio, screen, and web traffic. The student's test session will be recorded and reviewed by the testing center staff. There is not a live proctor watching the student. Students can take their tests at any time within the instructor's set exam dates and from any location that has an internet connection, no reservations required.

Proctorio can be used with any test that is available in ChiTester, no matter the course delivery format.

- Online Secure Testing Options -

Faculty can choose exams proctored by Proctorio & ChiTester in any of three site formats:

* Only one Proctorio site should be associated with your exam

Locked-Down Testing

Restricts the student to only have access to their ChiTester exam. Locked-Down Browser Testing is the most secure option.

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Links Allowed Testing

Allows the student to access websites and computer applications outside of the ChiTester exam. All web traffic is recorded and reviewed by the Testing Center staff.

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Paper Testing

Students’ completed exam will be submitted as a photo. A student’s camera/smartphone will need to be present during testing.

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Proctorio FAQ