Tips for Taking ALEKS PPL

1. Answer every question to the best of your ability.

ALEKS PPL has the ability to give you partial credit, in a sense, by analyzing your answer for evidence of partial knowledge of how to solve a problem. Each question has an “I don’t know” button, however, ALEKS PPL can better assess your knowledge if you attempt a problem and answer incorrectly. If you truly have no idea how to begin working a test question, feel free to choose “I don’t know.”

2. Don’t skip questions.

You cannot go back to a question once you click the submit button.

3. Use paper and pencil.

Even though the test is on the computer, you should write out each problem and solve it on paper. Then enter your answer into the computer. You are less likely to make errors, and will get a better score.

4. Take your time. Don’t rush.

Many people think the sign of a good math person is an ability to do math fast. This is not true. Take your time to carefully think through each step of each problem and double check your work. An extra 15 minutes in the test could mean one less semester of math you’ll need to take.