Using the ALEKS PPL Learning Modules

After taking the initial assessment you have a diagnosis of what you know and what you have yet to learn.  This is presented to you in the Pie. Follow the instructions from ALEKS PPL to get started in the Learning Modules. As you master the topics you need to learn you will see the Pie fill up.

Using a Learning Module in ALEKS PPL:

  • Will help you further prepare for your mathematics courses, increasing your likelihood of success.
  • Will help you place into your preferred mathematics course, saving both time and money.
  • Is required before retaking the next assessment.
  • Has been shown to significantly improve both student success and course performance.

How it works:

  • ALEKS PPL will direct you to the topic you are next ready to learn. You may have a choice of topics depending on your Pie.
  • Click on the topic and read the instruction about the topic.
  • Answer the practice questions.
  • When you answer three questions in a row correctly you have mastered the topic, and your Pie will fill in.