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Fall 2018 Classes with Supplemental Instruction

Spring 2019 Classes with Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers free study groups for many courses. It involves voluntary review sessions which are facilitated by a trained SI leader. SI allows you to compare notes, review material, and prepare for tests with other students.

SI helps you with "how to learn," as well as "what to learn." A trained student leader works with a group of students to practice effective learning strategies for each subject.

How SI Works

You and your classmates compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and test yourselves before your professor does.

An SI leader – a student who previously excelled in the course and completed training in group facilitation techniques – guides you through course concepts.Your leader won't lecture or give you class notes. However, your leader will improve your learning by:

  • Sharing strategies for success in the course.
  • Showing methods to make good use of your study time.
  • Helping put concepts together so you see an overall perspective.

Is SI another lecture period?

No. SI is a discussion group which gives everyone a chance to participate. The SI leader does not lecture or reteach the subject matter. Instead, everyone contributes their knowledge and helps each other.

The professor is not present at sessions.

Do I need to prepare for SI?

There are no extra assignments. It helps, however, to have attempted the homework or done the reading before you come to SI. Doing this lets you bring questions and get the specific help you need.

When is SI held?

The SI leader distributes a survey during the first week of class. SI sessions are scheduled at times that are best for the majority of students.

Times for SI sessions will be established at the beginning of the semester.

*On rare occasions, SI session times and locations change. To verify when an SI session is scheduled for a particular class during the current semester, call Leslie Loeffel at 395-3539.

Why Should I Participate?

We urge all students in supported classes to attend SI sessions, whether you're struggling or not. Many students who attend SI are excellent students who want to work toward a higher grade or understand the material more thoroughly.

Does SI really help?

Yes! The U.S. Department of Education found Supplemental Instruction to be highly effective. Studies at several institutions have shown that students who participate in SI earn higher final course grades than students who do not.

Students participating in SI persist at the institution (re-enrolling and graduating) at higher rates than students who do not participate in SI.