Putting Student Through FAQ

  • Putting Student Through is open to any student receiving a degree – associates, bachelors, or masters.   Students who will graduate Summer Semester are encouraged to participate in Spring Semester’s PST.
  • There is no limit set on the number of people an individual student can submit to be recognized.  The student is the only one who can determine who has provided them support.  We request that you consider the spirit of the program in selecting those whose names you submit.
  • The PST ceremony puts the person who is honored in the role of the graduate.  Each “honoree” receives a diploma & “Putting Student Through Degree,” bestowed by President Wight, and is congratulated by university dignitaries.  Each “honoree” who attends the program also receives a commemorative pin.
  • If your honorees are not able to attend the program, diplomas will be prepared & made available for you to pick up & award to them yourself.
  • It is not necessary to wait until the deadline to submit your honorees’ names.  In fact, we appreciate your submitting them as soon as possible, so we are able to get a head start on preparations for the program.


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