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3 Steps to Get Involved:

  1. Check out the involvement categories below
  2. Fill out the GET INVOLVED FORM to let us know what interests you
  3. We will get back to you with more info, recommendations, and what to do next

Run for Office! 2017 Legislative & Executive Election Packet (PDF)

Involvement Categories:

Arts & Lectures

Students part of planning arts & lectures are in charge of creating, planning, and hosting the various art shows, guest speakers, lectures, and presentations around campus. These events include:


  • Honors Issues Forums
  • Convocations (guest speakers)
  • Art Displays & Shows


Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP)

VIP students have the opportunity to give back to plan and implement various community service projects. These include:

  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Best Buddies
  • Christmas Tree Express
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Homeless Projects

Clubs & Organizations (C&O)

There are more than 100 different clubs and organizations for students to join at WSU! Take a moment to find your niche while pursuing your hobbies, sharing your passions, enhancing your degree, making new friends and enriching your experience on and off campus. The opportunity is yours to make a difference so get involved with a club or organization today!

  • First Thursday Monthly Liaison Meetings at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM
  • Club Feud
  • Leadership Development
  • Activities, Events & Service Opportunities

Student Programming Board

Students on the WSUSA programming board are responsible for planning and hosting various themed events, parties, and socials around campus. These events include:

  • Concerts
  • Dances
  • Family Programs
  • Movie Madness
  • Homecoming

Community Involvement Center

The Community Involvement Center (CIC) provides students with a variety of opportunities including:

  • Service-learning and volunteer opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities in service
  • Training and retreats in specific service activities
  • Letters for potential employers or graduate schools
  • Hall Community Outreach Grant funding
  • AmeriCorps Education Award Program

Diversity Center Programs

Students in the Diversity Center have the opportunity to meet, network, and learn about the various cultures, languages, ethnicities, and social perceptions that are embedded with the WSU student body. Programs within this area include:

  • Diversity University
  • Gospel Fest
  • Stop the Hate
  • Sessions on a Ledge
  • Activities & Events

Crystal Crest Awards

Each year WSU hosts the Crystal Crest Awards to acknowledge outstanding individuals and superior accomplishments that have been made around campus. Students on this committee will assist with:

  • Nominations/ Selection Committees
  • Invitations/ Ticket Sales
  • Marketing/ Promos

Leadership Programs

Students engaged in leadership programs within WSUSA have an opportunity to serve as a leader and representative voice of the student body. These programs include:

  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Academy of Leadership
  • LEAD Mentors, Trainers
  • Student Government

Graphic Arts

Let your creativity flow through WSUSA by being part of the graphic arts team. Responsibilities of the artists include flyers, banners, posters, post-cards, etc. Positions on the team include:

  • Web Master
  • Executive Graphic Artist
  • Assistant Graphic Artist


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