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Semi-pro women’s football player tackles them all 

Throughout the year, you might have noticed cadets from Weber State University’s Army ROTC program participating in a variety of activities on campus, from military exercises to sports. 

It’s probably safe to say that, of those activities, football is Veronica Siqueiros’ favorite. A command sergeant major in the ROTC program, she’s often picked first by her fellow cadets when dividing into football teams. It makes sense. Who wouldn’t want the running back from the Independent Women’s Football League championship team on their team? 

Siqueiros has played for the semi-pro Utah Falconz for four seasons.

“One day, my friend and I were playing flag football, and a woman from the Utah Falconz invited us to try out,” she said. 

The rest is history.

Siqueiros was added to the roster and soon found herself helping the Falconz win two consecutive national championships. With her humble demeanor, she doesn’t share that tidbit about her life with many people.

She laughed and said, “It’s funny because, when we were doing physical training as teams, I started being one of the first ones chosen. I knew then that they had found out who I was!”

In fact, Captain Stephen Feehan, an ROTC instructor, gave Siqueiros the appropriate nickname, Football, and it stuck.

That kind of camaraderie, and the opportunity to bond with “people of different ages, races, religions, so basically all walks of life,” are Siqueiros’ favorite parts of being on the team. She also appreciates that kind of diversity at Weber State.

“There is a lot of diversity here, and I like that,” Siqueiros said. “That includes non-traditional students. I’ve seen 40-something-year-olds coming back to school, and it’s awesome!”

Not only do her fellow students make Weber State great, but Siqueiros is also grateful for the professors at WSU who have taken the time to help her succeed.

“My favorite class had to be biopsychology with Dr. (Lauren) Fowler,” she recalled. “She makes her classes fun and interesting, and she creates an environment where you want to learn.” 

Others in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences have influenced Siqueiros’ life, too. 

Sgt. 1st Class (Richard) Sheldrake inspired me,” she said. “He wants to get to know you, so he can help you with your success. All of the cadre are excellent. They care about you as a person and where you want to go.”

Siqueiros will graduate in the spring of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in military science. Upon graduation, she will be commissioned as a second lieutenant and assigned to an active duty unit. Her “wish-list” occupation in the military is logistics. 

She said, “I'm looking forward to graduating and earning my commission in the United States Army, and continuing to better my life.”

To learn how you can support Siqueiros’ dreams, and other students’ dreams in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, contact Chuck Holland in the Development Office