Professional File Submission Guidelines

Candidates eligible-for tenure and promotion in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences can submit their professional file and supplemental (support) file in the following manner:

  • Traditional hard copy submitted to the Dean's office.
  • Electronic files on Canvas.
  • Combination of hardcopy and electronic files (on Canvas).
  • Note that certain items in the candidate's professional file may not be provided in electronic format. They must exist only as hard copies to be reviewed at the Dean's office. These include the candidate's appointment letter and third year review, letters of recommendation from colleagues (and the candidate's response to them), and letters from the department Peer Review and Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee, the College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee, and the Dean.

For communication with all individuals involved in reviewing a candidate's file:

  • Candidates will notify the Dean's office by December 1of the academic year of their candidacy whether their file submission will be in traditional hard copy, electronic files, or a combination.

For candidates who choose electronic supplemental (support) file submission:

  • One month prior to the January 16 due date, the Dean's office will provide WSU Online with a tentative list of candidates, including the review designation (3rd year, 6th year/tenure, promotion).
  • WSU Online will create a Canvas "course' for each candidate.
  • "Best Practices for Electronic Files - WSU Online" will be followed.

Additional guidelines:

  • Candidates decide in what format to submit materials (Canvas or hardcopy) and do not need to submit duplicates in other formats.
  • All materials are due no later than 5:00 PM., January 15 (PPM 8-12).
  • It is incumbent upon the reviewers to judge each candidate on merit and not on the style of presentation.

Canvas file access dates:

Candidates will have until 5 PM, January 15, to prepare their materials. At 5:01 PM, they will no longer be able to access their file to make any changes. Access for candidates to all Canvas files will be changed from ''Teacher" to "Observer." Hard Copy files must be in the Dean's Office.

The reviewers will not be making comments nor adding anything to files.

  • Departmental Ranking Tenure Committee members will receive an email notification (from its committee chair) that will inform them that files are ready for review and what format they are in on January 16 (PPM 8-12).
  • College Ranking Tenure Committee members will receive an email notification (from the Department committee chair) that will inform them that files are ready for review, and what format they are in, on February 2 (PPM 8-12).
  • The Dean will have access to all candidate files beginning February 17 (PPM 8-12).