Study Abroad Opportunities


Project Uganda (Geography and CCEL) 

The 20-year vision of the Lee Family Foundation is to create a model for establishing a self-sustaining village. To this effort, we will complete three main projects with our Ugandan partners. Our trip goal is to improve the access to education and the economic conditions of the people in rural African areas. We will do this through education, construction and environmental sustainability projects. Our projects will directly influence the youth and community served by our partners, Lee Family Foundation and Hope4Kids International, in Nyafumba, Uganda, Africa.

Our projects are in line with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): No poverty, Good health and well-being, Quality Education, Decent work and economic growth, Reduce inequalities and Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

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Harm Reduction in Switzerland (Social Work)

Students will have the opportunity to examine the harm reduction model in Switzerland, a country recognized as a world leader in the application of harm reduction policies and strategies. With the headquarters of the World Health Organization and UNAIDS located in Geneva, students are given the advantage of an international context. 

Students will examine a variety of social and health concerns and identify barriers to and facilitators of the development and use of harm reduction strategies.  


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Liberty, Englightment and the Revolutionary Wars (History and Philosophy)

Liberty was so highly regarded in England that The Cult of Liberty was born there in the 1700s.  Yet it was France and America that staged revolutions in the name of Liberty, while England remained steadfast in support of its monarchy.  Weird, right? 

This course explores how explosive ideas born in the 18th century (what we call The Enlightenment) led to political revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic.  It also explores the ways revolution was avoided in England itself.  

Visit sites in England, France and Boston. 

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China & Tibet (Anthropology, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, Chinese) 

China has the second largest economy and is becoming more and more important in the world. And yet, China is one of the countries most misunderstood by those in the West and the United States. The best way to obtain an unbiased knowledge and viewpoint about China, its history, cultures, peoples,and political situation is to go there and see it with one’s own eyes.  Join us on the trip of a lifetime and expand your world view!

Trip highlights include: The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Potala Palace, Panda Resort, Acrobatic Show and The Bund.

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