Fall 2017 e-Bulletin

Let us celebrate the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences’ faculty, staff and student accomplishments. You have all been hard at work and it is time for some well-earned recognition. Please continue to give us your feedback and suggestions for the e-Bulletin, as well as news of your publications, presentations, awards, accomplishments, upcoming lectures and events for the next e-Bulletin.

Again, thank you for your contributions to the college and university!

Asterisks (*) indicate WSU students.

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Publications and Presentations

Eli Alexander* (BIS: Anthropology, Asian Studies, WGS) presented his research on identity formation among South Korean gay men at the Twelfth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Hiroshima Japan, July, 2017. He is invited to present this research in Seoul South Korea this December at the TISS International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences.

Christopher Binning* and Mark Denniston (Criminal Justice) presented “State Responses to the Miller v. Alabama U.S. Supreme Court Case” at the Western Association of Criminal Justice in Spokane, WA., October, 2017.

Sara Dant (History) published book reviews in both Environmental History and Western Historical Quarterly; she was an invited panelist and lecturer for the Salt Lake Repertory Dance Theater, the Society of Professional Journalists Region 9 Conference, the University of Arizona, the Sunset Series Lecture at the Entrada Institute, and the Ogden Family History Conference, and delivered a Wallace Stegner Center Lecture at the University of Utah.

Mark Denniston (Criminal Justice) and Timothy Maserang* presented their “Analysis of and Reaction to Utah v. Strieff” at the Western Association of Criminal Justice in Spokane, WA, October, 2017.

Vikki J. Deakin (History) published In Liberating Strife: An American History Reader (Cognella Academic Press, 2017); she is under contract with Great River Learning Press for a textbook titled American Civilizations (2019).

Vikki J. Deakin (History) served as Conference Co-Chair, Program Chair, and Presenter at the Front Range Early American Consortium 31st Annual Conference, Boise, ID, October, 2017; her panel was titled “The Sussex Declaration.”

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Lauren Homer published “Effects of sleep quality and duration on decision making in prospective jurors.” Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.  Asheville, NC. 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology), *Lauren Homer and *Kenny Griffey presented “The effect of sleep latency and fragmentation on decision making and empathy.” Poster presentation given at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference,  Salt Lake City, UT, April 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Samantha Edmunds presented “The effect of REM sleep on cortisol levels and perceived happiness.” Oral presentation given at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Memphis, TN, April 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Lauren Homer presented “The effect of sleep quality and duration on decision making and empathy in prospective jurors.” Oral presentation given at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research,  Memphis, TN, April 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Merissa Cook presented “The effects of cell phone usage on sleep quality in college students.” Poster presentation given at the Weber State Undergraduate Research Conference, Ogden, UT, March 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology), *Kenny Griffey and *Lauren Homer presented “Daily activity paired with sleep quantity impacts prospective jurors’ decision making and empathy levels.” Poster presentation given at the Weber State Undergraduate Research Conference, Ogden, UT, March 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Sharon Pearcey presented “Psychopharmacology: Physiological actions and interactions.” Continuing Education Workshop presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, Atlanta, GA, March, 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Sally Shigley presented “Anxious Cows, Schizophrenic Russians, and Mostly-Dead Heroes: Using Literature to Teach Psychology in an Undergraduate General Education Class.” Presentation session given at the Southeastern Conference for the Teaching of Psychology, Atlanta, GA, March, 2017.

Pepper Glass (Sociology) published the article “Dividing and defending Ogden: The intersection of race making and space making in a diverse community” in Ethnic and Racial Studies 40(14), 2520-2538.

Pepper Glass (Sociology) presented “The wicked people of gangster’s village: Historical continuity and the incorporation of Latino immigrants” at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Montreal, Canada, August, 2017.

Huiying Wei-Hill (Sociology) published a book chapter, "Groups, Networks and Organizations" in Introduction to Sociology – A Collaborative Approach E-Book, (peer reviewed) by Ashbury Publishing LLC, May, 2017.

Theresa Kay (Psychology) with Wolff, J.R., Himes, H.L., & Alquijay, J.  (2017). Transgender and gender-nonconforming student experiences in Christian higher education:  A qualitative exploration. Christian Higher Education, 16(5), 319-338.

Branden Little (History) presented papers at two conferences and commented on a panel at a conference, including U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) McMullen Naval History Symposium; Paper Title: "Anticipating Dunkirk: The Humanitarian Rescue of Americans in Europe, 1914-17," (Annapolis, MD, 2017); U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) McMullen Naval History Symposium: "Elements of the Great War" Panel. Commentator (Annapolis, MD, 2017); Humanitarian Action & the Pursuit of Peace: Reflections on the Award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Committee of the Red Cross 100 Years Ago: "Prisoners of War, the American Red Cross, and the International Committee of the Red Cross / International Prisoners of War Agency, 1914-1918," (Geneva, Switzerland, 2017).

Susan Matt (History) gave an invited colloquium on homesickness and American individualism at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, June, 2017.

Susan Matt (History) and Luke Fernandez (College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology) gave a talk entitled "Loneliness and Technology in America" at the Seminar for Modern History at the University of Tuebingen. The talk was drawn from their forthcoming book, Bored, Lonely, and Stupid: How Americans have Felt about Technology, from the Telegraph to Twitter, under contract with Harvard University Press.

Shannon McGillivray (Psychology) with *Parker Hughes, * Eryberto Martinez, *Landon Weeks, *Spencer Jude, *Wayne Mumbower, *Kenny Griffey, *Tahne Vongsavath, and *Todd Hillhouse presented “Implication of 5-HTT and DAT1 Genetic Polymorphisms on Social Anxiety and Stress Response.” Poster presented at the WSU Symposium, National Conference of Undergraduate Research, Memphis TN, and the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Salt Lake City, UT, April, 2017.

Shannon McGillivray (Psychology) with *Tiffany Page, *Tess Kendall, *Monika Sahleen, *Sabrina Badali, and *Giuseppe Paucarpura presented at the WSU Research Symposium and the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Salt Lake City, UT, April, 2017.

Shannon McGillivray (Psychology) was invited to give a presentation on “Learning and Memory: Brains, Tricks, and Tips.” WSU eLearning Program, through the Teaching and Learning Forum, September, 2017.

Shannon McGillivray (Psychology) & Castel, A. D. (2017). Older and younger adults’ strategic control of metacognitive monitoring: The role of consequences, task experience and prior knowledge. Experimental Aging Research, 43, 362-374.

R. C. Morris (Sociology) published an article “Mitigating the Effects of Parental Incarceration through Social Intervention: A Longitudinal and Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of Big Brothers Big Sisters.” Journal of Applied Social Science 11(1): 25-47.

Leigh Shaw (Psychology) was invited to give the introductory remarks for Dr. Eric Amsel, H. Aldous Dixon Award Recipient for Staff, March 2017.

Carla Trentelman (Sociology) and Brian Eisenhauer presented a paper, “Campus Research that Matters: Making a Difference in Campus Sustainability Efforts.” International Symposium on Society and Resource Management in Umeå, Sweden, June, 2017. 

Stephanie Wolfe (Political Science) was an invited lecturer at the conference Building Peace after Genocide: Lessons from Rwanda at the American University of Paris, March, 2017; keynote speaker at the 23rd Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi of Rwanda in Hamilton, Canada, April, 2017; panelist for Fieldwork in Dangerous or Complicated Regions, at the International Association of Genocide Scholars Conference in Brisbane, Australia, July, 2017.

Awards and Recognitions

Ryan Bell* (Sociology) began graduate studies for a Master’s degree in Sociology at Oxford University, UK. Ryan graduated from Weber State University in Fall 2016.

Sergeant Joshua Curtis, (Military Science) Human Resources Noncommissioned Officer, served as the ROTC Ranger Challenge Team Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC). He mentored and trained his Team of nine Cadets to a 3rd place finish at the 2017 Ranger Challenge Competition, Camp Williams, UT on 13-14 Oct. The competition included 14 University Teams from the Region (Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado). Ranger Challenge was an intense two-day event that consisted of a rifle qualification range, land navigation course, weapons disassembly and assembly, fitness challenge, call for fire, grenade course, and a poncho raft exercise. This was coupled with all cadets carrying a rucksack that weighed at least 35 pounds, only two Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), and marching an aggregate distance of 18 miles with a rifle.

Ian Crookston* (History) was admitted to Stanford for his Ph.D. in Russian History after having finished his M.A. in Russian, Eastern Europe, and Central Asian Studies at Harvard last year.

Sara Dant (History) was awarded the 2017 Sustainability Research Award for Faculty in Spring 2017.

Sara Dant (History) was elected to a three-year term on the Council of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association.

Captain Stephen Feehan (Military Science) will serve as the 2017 Wildcat Challenge Officer in Charge. Wildcat Challenge will be held 2 Nov 17, Weber State University. Wildcat Challenge is a physically and mentally challenging event for our youth. JROTC Cadets from 12 high schools participate in this awesome event! During the event, Weber State University ROTC cadre and cadets serve as mentors and referees for these great individuals. The events consist of knot tying, an obstacle course, two mystery events, a Kim’s Game, a military style throwing event (which tests contestants’ accuracy), and it ends with a 5K ruck march. After all the events have finished, ROTC hosts a BBQ and Awards Ceremony for all participants.

Richard Greene (Political Science and Philosophy) received the Jennings Olson Award, Spring, 2017.

Captain Tyler Guest (Military Science) Operations Officer, will serve as the 2017 Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) Officer in Charge. The FTX will be 27-28 Oct, Camp Williams, UT. Cadets from the University of Utah and Utah State University will participate in the FTX as well. The FTX consists of a land navigation course, M16 rifle qualification range, hand grenade assault course, leader reaction course, rappel tower and ruck march. There are two FTXs in a school year – fall and spring. Cadets will learn basic infantry tactics, learn to cope with fatigue and stress, and work as a team!

Captain Jeong Hinton (Military Science), Recruiting and Retention Officer, has continued to help build the strength and reputation of Weber State Army ROTC with ongoing recruiting, retention, and maintaining a presence on campus.  On 14 Oct 17, several cadets supported pre-game setup, provided the color guard, and did pushups in the end zone (each time the Wildcats scored) at the home football game versus Southern Utah University.  Four cadets made up the color guard, and eleven cadets did pre-game set up and end zone pushups.  The Recruiting and Retention Office is also looking forward having cadets attend and march in the annual Ogden Veteran’s Day parade on November 11, 2017.

Branden Little (History) received the Naval Order of the United States award for "exemplary scholarship" in September; he also received the Gustav Ador Foundation Travel Grant to Switzerland in June, and joined the Utah State World War I Centennial Commission this year.

Shannon McGillivray (Psychology) was awarded the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Early Career Award, April 2017.

Marjukka Ollilainen (Sociology) received the Dello Dayton Award, Spring 2017.

Leigh Shaw (Psychology) received the Faculty Governance Award from Faculty Senate, established to recognize faculty who have led efforts to improve faculty governance at Weber State University; awarded by Senate Executive Committee, April 2017.

Special Projects and Travel

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Kenny Griffey were awarded a Weber State University Undergraduate Research Travel Grant for RMPA 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Lauren Homer were awarded a Weber State University Undergraduate Research Travel Grant for NCUR 2017.

Lauren Fowler (Psychology) and *Samantha Edmunds were awarded a Weber State University Undergraduate Research Travel Grant for NCUR 2017.

*Tyler Hole (Geography) has been invited to create and present an oration as part of WSUSA’s First Lecture Series on Monday, November 27, 2017. The purpose of this new series is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills and assist students in their related fields to gain insights and increase understanding.

Bradford Reyns and Monica Williams (Criminal Justice) led a group of students and community members in a new study abroad program that encompassed a two-week exploration of London and its past and present Criminal Justice systems, May 2017.

Julie Rich (Geography), Jeremy Farner (DET), and Mike Moon (CCEL) traveled with a group of 26 students and five WSU alumni to Mozambique, Africa to build a library and two classrooms for the Eduardo Mondlane Secondary School in the village of Mahubo in summer 2017.  They raised a total of $57,000 to build the structures and spent three weeks in-country working side-by-side with Mozambicans to construct the educational facilities. The project was in collaboration with the non-profit organization No Poor among Us. A full-length documentary, “Windows of Change,” chronicling the project, will premiere Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Browning Center Austad Auditorium with a second showing Nov. 13 at 2:30 in the Wildcat Theatre. The public is invited to the free screening and panel discussion that will follow. To reserve a seat, visit bit.do/windowsofchange.

Leigh Shaw (Psychology) chaired the General Education Revitalization Rollout Team. They defined and developed Big Questions and Signature Assignments, and recruited and mentored members of the Pilot 1 team who are implementing these changes in their GE courses this fall.

The Department of Social Work and Gerontology has been recognized by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) for their efforts to integrate civic learning in their program. The Department is one of thirteen institutions whose departmental designs will be featured on the AAC&U’s website: aacu.org.

Robert Hunt is the new Director of the Olene Walker Institute of Politics and Public Affairs.  Robert is a former Weber County Commissioner and Ogden City Manager, and was most recently the executive director of the United Way of Northern Utah.