College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Who We Are

Weber State University's College of Social & Behavioral Sciences offers programs that explore a wide range of human issues, from exploring the distant past to examining the reasons behind current human behavior.

In our college, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on undergraduate research projects, study abroad programs, extracurricular activities and service learning, taking what you learn in the classroom and applying it to your real world.

Explore the website and learn about all the great programs and activities the college has to offer. We invite you to help us reach our goal of $5000 for student scholarships. 

Inspirational Education 

Professors in our College don't just educate -- they inspire. Check out some of the innovative and inspirational projects they've been working on lately. 

e-Newsletter and e-Bulletin 

See what students, faculty and alumni of the college are doing to improve their lives and the lives of those around them in our Spring 2018 Newsletter and Spring 2018 e-Bulletin

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Study Abroad Opportunities

There are several opportunities to study abroad with the College! Click here for more information on the various programs. 

"Windows of Change" WSU-Mozambique Documentary 

This summer, a group of WSU faculty and staff went to Mozambique. They came back as different people. View the documentary that captures the spirit of service: click here to view the trailer. 

In Memory of Richard Roberts, Former History Professor and Chair

Dr. Richard Roberts, former chairman and professor of the History Department, died on December 2, 2017. Dr. Roberts was a faculty member with the History Department for 32 years, during which time he was a professor and chairman of the department. Click here to learn more. 

Meet Weber State University's Medal of Honor Recipient

Brian Miles Thacker, WSU alumnus, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. Click here to learn more. 


The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences is committed to providing education on sustainability and Weber State has been recognized and awarded for our green iniatives. Click here for information on how you can make the world a better place. 

Under Construction / Construction Camera / Construction Camera West 

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences will be displaced from May 2017-January 2019.
Find out where to find our departments and faculty offices while we await the opening of our new home in Lindquist Hall. 

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